Now Playing: Adele – Hello

There are certain moments in modern pop history that you will always remember where you were when you saw or heard them. The Spice Girls opening the Brits and subsequently causing an epidemic of Girl Power. Bjork twatting that journalist. Jay Kay taking a leaf out of Bjork’s book and twatting a journalist. Kanye West interrupting T-Swift during her VMA acceptance speech and confirming that what we all thought about him was true. And just last week, Adele may have added herself on to that list.

The singer, who hasn’t released a single in four years, sent shivers down many a fan’s spine when she premiered a TV advert plugging new music during an episode of The X Factor. The ad didn’t feature her, or anyone in fact. Just her voice, cooing a new, unheard track flawlessly whilst the lyrics appeared on screen. Days later, this song turned out to be Hello, and was premiered worldwide on radio and the video on YouTube. The video has broken records on the website for the most views in 24 hours. The song looks certain to go in at Number One when it is released.

For the singer, who boasts Brit Awards, Grammys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar(!) to her name, this not a break up record but a ‘make up record.’ For making her fans wait this long, she’s got a lot go makin’ up to do.

Hello is released on October 23 and the album 25 is released on November 20


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