TV: John Lewis does it again

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert has become as synonymous with the festive season in recent years as turkey, presents, an argument with your other half and a Baileys-fuelled nap in front of the telly. And this year, the high street store has done it again, with a touching clip in collaboration with Age UK. Entitled Man On The Moon, it shows a little girl looking out of her bedroom window up to the moon. Through her telescope, she clocks an elderly man sitting alone on the moon and decides to send him a present. After a few failed attempts, she manages to get something to him: a telescope for him to look back at her. The ad ends with the man finally catching a glimpse of someone else, shedding a tear when he sees the little girl and all of the beautiful Christmas lights on earth. All soundtracked by a cover of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ by Norwegian singer Aurora, the ad’s tagline, ‘show someone they’re loved this christmas’ genuinely leaves you with a lump in your throat. John Lewis 1 – this sobbing journalist 0.

For more information on Age UK, the UK’s largest charity working with older people, click here


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