Review: Little Mix – Get Weird

Little mix get weird

There’s nothing weird about Little Mix, nor their new album. It’s a 16-track pop marathon. However, if their previous release, 2013’s Salute, touted them as the next big girl group, new LP Get Weird does nothing to damage that reputation, nor does it add much into the, er, mix.

Things kick off with Black Magic, which is quite frankly one of the best pop songs of the year. UK Number One for three weeks, it is the first song by a girl band to do so since Sugababes’ About You Now. The song is pure pop euphoria, with the girls singing about enticing a boy to drink their secret potion and fall in love with them, backed by funky guitars, pounding drums and a mega key change.

Channeling the great girl groups of the 60s, Love Me Like You is a Ronette’s-style love-in with an irresistible “sha-la-la-la” hook. That vintage sound reappears on A.D.I.D.A.S, which, without ruining the surprise of what the acronym stands for, shows a more grown up side of the girls (they’re certainly not pining for track suits and trainers).

Acapella numbers The Beginning and The End showcase their tight harmonies and deafening belts a la early Destiny’s Child and OMG is catchy and bouncing. It features cheering in the vein of Charli XCX and is missing only a rap by Iggy Azalea to be 2015-girl-pop personified. It sounds suspiciously like Britney’s Pretty Girls, which makes sense as the girls also wrote that track.

The stand out moment comes in the form of Secret Love Song, which is a soaring ballad featuring Jason Derulo. It’s emotional and absolutely their most grown up song to date. And thankfully, Derulo doesn’t announce himself on this one. For more emotional heartache see: Love Me or Leave Me.

To call them the best thing to come from The X Factor is almost a disservice to them – they are much more than reality show contestants done good. Having broken records in the US set by The Spice Girls (and they had some big platform boots to fill) these ladies are well on their way to world domination.

With a few big moments, the album is by no means a bad one. It’s actually pretty good. It just tells us little more than we already knew about Little Mix. Great singers, catchy songs and a sense of fun that has been lacking in the music biz recently. Nothing weird about that.

Get Weird by Little Mix is out now


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