WATCH: Elton John channels Simba for Car Pool Karaoke with James Corden

James Corden has proved to be quite the hit stateside. Last year he took over the reigns of The Late Late Show and is fast becoming the King of the viral video with his popular segment, Car Pool Karaoke, in which he takes celebrities on a ride all whilst belting out some of their favourite songs. This week, it was the turn of none other than Elton John – and get ready to turn the nostalgia dial to 100, because they paid tribute to one of the greatest films known to man (and animal) The Lion King.

As well as the Circle Of Life, the pair performed Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and Your Song. Elton was on the show to promote his latest album, Wonderful Crazy Night (his 32nd album, no less) but also chatted to the host about family life.

Speaking about his two sons, he said: “It’s changed my life. I thought I was too old to be a dad, but I’m not too old to be a dad – you’re not too old to do anything. Those kids have changed our lives completely.” Altogether now – awwwwww.

Wonderful Crazy Night is out now


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