The latest track from album This Is Acting to quench Sia fans’ thirst for pop bangers is Cheap Thrills, which the Aussie singer-songwriter extraordinaire this week revealed was turned down by Rihanna before she recorded it herself. The song isn’t your usual Sia fare – which isn’t a surprise as it is just one of a whole host of tracks she wrote for other artists, which were then rejected. Well jokes on them (we’re looking at you RiRi, Adele and Beyonce amongst others) as the album is a slice of pure, unapologetic pop perfection. This track in particular wreaks of Rihanna’s Bajan flava, with a bouncing beat accompanying the wigged one’s stunning voice along as she chants ‘I love cheap thrills!’. It doesn’t hurt that king of the dancehall Sean Paul (sans Blu Cantrell) features on this version. A girl after our own hearts.

Sia’s album This Is Acting is out now


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