WATCH: Patsy and Eddy are Absolutely Fabulous in trailer for long-awaited film

ab fab2

Sweetie darling! Pass the Stoli because London’s most fashionable groupies are back. And we can’t contain our excitement.

The long-awaited Absolutely Fabulous film is FINISHED and to prove it, the first trailer for the likely-to-become-a-classic has been released. In it, it is hilariously announced that “Kate Moss is changing her PR!” which sets Patsy and Eddy off on their frantic race to be hired by the supermodel. However, Moss’ body ends up in a river and our heroines go on the run in the south of France. A possible fashion fatality? You have our attention.

With cameos from Jon Hamm, Rebel Wilson, Emma Bunton, Joan Collins and Cara Delevigne, the film promises to be a star-studded event from start to finish. Original cast members Julia Sawalha, June Horrocks and June Whitfield are also returning. Whether it ignites the box office on fire will be seen in time, but for fans of the TV show, a full-length film version has been a long time coming.

Watch the trailer below:


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