BBC to remake Watership Down for television


The BBC have announced a star-studded remake of Watership Down.

X-Men star James McAvoy and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley are among those who will be lending their voices to the new animation, which centres around a group of rabbits who’s re fighting for survival. McAvoy will play Hazel and Kingsley will be General Woundwort.

Other actors signed up include Star Wars star John Boyega as Bigwig, McAvoy’s X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult as Fiver, The Night Manager’s Olivia Coleman as Strawberry and Gemma Arterton, who is currently starring, and singing, in the West End musical, Made In Dagenham, as Clover.

BBC Drama commissioning editor Matthee Read said: “Before Harry Potter, there was Watership Down. This fantastic take on Richard Adams’ novel will bring this classic story to a new generation.”

The four-part series will air on BBC1 next year, before becoming available on Netflix.


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