LISTEN: All of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries

Eurovision 2016 logo

It’s that time of year again, when Europe’s, erm, finest singers come together to battle it out and crown the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. On a night that in the past has seen everything from a certain Swedish pop group singing about a certain famous battle to a drag queen making music history to Polish maids milking cows on stage, the pop competition is nothing if not memorable. At it’s best it is remarkable and at it’s worst, well, it is even more remarkable.

This year’s contest will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, after the country came out victorious last year thanks to Mans Zelmerlow and his song, Heroes. Zelmerlow will host the show, along with Swedish comedian Petra Mede. Our entry, Joe and Jake, will be fancying their chances with the rather good You’re Not Alone. The song was picked by viewers to represent the UK as part of the BBC television programme, Eurovision: You Decide.

And those fearful of them getting the dreaded nul points can rest a little easier this year as voting has changed. Voting will be split, with each country’s jury vote cast first, and votes from viewers in all countries combined and announced at the end. The juries and the public voters will award a set of points from one to eight then 10 and 12 for each of the top 10 places.

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place on Saturday May 14. It will be shown on BBC1, time TBC.

Listen below to our playlist of this year’s hopefuls:


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