WATCH: Rihanna shares stunning new video for Star Trek theme song Sledgehammer

rihanna sledgehammer

Rihanna has taken a break from twerking and packing out stadiums across the world to record the soundtrack to the new Star Trek film. (I know, we’re shocked too) And today, she put out the video.

Sledgehammer, which comes from the new Justin Lin-directed Star Trek Beyond -the third film in the new rebooted franchise of the space saga – is a soaring ballad co-written by Jesse Shatkin and an unknown songwriter by the name of Sia.

It’s a different direction for the Bajan beauty, and definitely has Sia’s stamp on it – ironic as it was the Titanium singer  who hit headlines earlier in the year when she revealed RiRi was one of a number of singers who turned down tracks she wrote – tracks which eventually formed Sia’s wild successful album, This Is Acting. Dreamy piano and synths and backed by a pounding beat on Sledgehammer and it sounds like a ready-made hit. Lesson of the day: Always listen to Sia.

The video sees Rihanna gyrating on a big rock, on what looks like Mars. She’s surrounded by all manner of trippy kaleidoscope effects, rocking a Shaolin monk-esque outfit. She even make monk robes look high-fash. Is there anything she can’t wear? It’s a stunning video by all accounts and it’s always refreshing to see an artistic pop video.

Watch the video below:



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