WATCH: The ‘superhumans’ of the 2016 Paralympics shine in new advert


Both the Olympics and the Paralympics are just around the corner, and Channel 4’s new advert for the latter is, in a word, stunning. (There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary for the amazing athletes that compete in the games, and throughout the year, but stunning is a good start.)

Channel 4 are broadcasting all of the coverage of the games, as they did in 2012 – programming which won them a BAFTA. Their slogan this year, We’re The Superhumans, is backed up by the advert, which showcases ordinary members of the public, stunt men and women, and athletes, including swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

The clip is set to the swinging sound of Sammy Davis Jr’s Yes I Can, performed by a band of disabled musicians. Other scenes include someone landing a plane with her feet and a particularly stirring moment featuring a school counsellor telling a young lad that he can’t do something, followed by the lad fiercely playing wheelchair basketball.

According to Dan Brooke, chief marketing and communications officer at Channel 4, the advert is aimed at not just athletes, but “anyone with a disability”.

The Paralympic Games take places in Rio September 7-18. You can see all of the coverage on Channel 4. Watch the advert below:


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