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Last year she released one of the hottest R&B records of the year in the form of All Hands On Deck and it limped to #156 in the UK charts. On the contrary, All My Friends, by male DJ duo Snakehips made it to #5 the same year and featured Tinashe’s vocals. It’s now a year later (and four years since she released her first material) and Tinashe still hasn’t made it on her own. What gives?

Hoping to change that is the latest track from the Kentucky-born diva, Superlove. Produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, who between them are responsible for mega-hits by Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney to name but a few, Superlove is the epitome of summer jam. Coming off like a younger, poppier cousin of a Nicki Minaj song, it’s 80s and 90s vibes are like sonic sunshine.

Tinashe has described the song as a “celebration of happiness. More specifically, it celebrates the kind of happiness that is so immense and infectious, that you can’t help but to rejoice in it. I hope to eulogize this wonderful energy and make people feel good, love harder, and dance together.” Amen to that!

The song comes complete with beach video, with the singer and her pals recreating Baywatch and saving a drowning fella, all whilst twerking up a storm. The choreography is FIRE. Taking us back to a classic age in R&B and hip hop when divas like Aaliyah, Brandy and TLC, and in more recent times Ciara, came armed with full-on, all-out routines, Tinashe shows she not only has a killer voice but the moves to back it up. The choreography is slick and sexy has elements of all those flawless ladies that came before her.

2016 – hopefully remembered as the year Tinashe took the throne. Watch out, RiRi.

Superlove is available to download on iTunes now

Watch the video for Superlove below:

Photo: Sarah McColgan


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